Thursday, February 4, 2016

Up Next on the Work Bench

Through a random discussion on FaceBook one night, I got a tack order for a full dressage bridle for Totilas - in the style of Valegro's bridle!

This is a new style for me with the rolled straps.  But I'm enjoying something new!  The noseband is almost done. The bridle needs to be done by the end of February for a show on March 5th.

Myself, I'm not going to be showing performance at my next show, I decided to just show breed and collectibility. And I get to judge a show coming up on March 5th myself.  Then my next show will be down in Indiana, the Hoosier Pony Live show, an all yellow card show!  I'm very excited for this show, hosted by my friend Sarah, who has some great ideas for classes and divisions!

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