Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In the Works and New to Vintage Acres Farm!

Received today from Gretchen Oneail - a gorgeous CM cantering stock horse stablemate done up in a grulla tobiano.  She's exquisite in person, the color is so soft!  Her official name is VAF London Fog Latte, named after my recent favorite winter drink, which is earl grey tea mixed with steamed and frothed milk and a touch of vanilla.  I think it fits!

I have a couple of projects in the works right now.  The first is a dressage bridle for Totilas, as I mentioned last time.  I'm working on the noseband for that right now.

My friend Janna has been patiently waiting for her western bridle for the grazing mare.  The hold up has been the reins.  I'm using a 6 strand alternating braid technique for some gaming reins.  

The only hang-up was that I cut the string too short the first (and second) time around, so this is the third time's a charm set!  At least now I'm very comfortable with the braid!   

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